Our Mission

It’s our passion that drives us. Horse people share a common bond in their love of horses and when it comes time to move, it’s important to have a realtor who understands that need. For us, it’s not about the house, it’s about what the property has to offer our horses. Even within the horse community, there are a variety of disciplines and hobbies. This means that one horse property does not fit all horse people. You need a horse property specialist who can take what your specific wants and needs are and translate those needs to the right property.

HorsePropertyRealtor.com was established to help network people within the horse community to help them find not only the perfect horse community for their needs but the right horse property specialist to guide them through that move. This will be a like-minded equestrian who knows the ins and outs of their local horse community.

There are many, many equestrian areas that are not defined by a zip code. These pockets of horse properties cannot be found by traditional search methods on the internet. This is where you must rely on the local equestrian expert. Our local experts have feet on the ground in almost any location you are considering and they can give you insights into the best locations for what your equestrian needs are.